Phoenix-40 Waste Oil Electrical Generator

P5S Generator


The Phoenix-40 is the next generation of technology that is capable of utilizing waste oil products, such as used motor/equipment oil, to produce electricity for transfer to the power grid. Utilizing the award-wining, clean burning Cyclone Mark V External Combustion Engine, preliminary designs rate the P-40 generator system as producing upwards of 60kW of electrical power.

The P-40 is a more complex genset than the P-10 with higher operating temperatures and pressures.  This allows it to produce 3 to 6 times more elelctricity.  It is designed for larger waste oil producer with monthly quantities of 800 gallons or more.

The benefits of the P-40 are the same as the P-10.  It is a green alternative energy source, that eliminates a potential contaminate and produces an additional revenue stream.

The Phoenix 40 is still in development and not scheduled for pilot testing until early 2013.





Size (with cover):    36"wide x 36"deep x 108"tall

Weight:    600 lbs

Power Source:    Mark V external combustion engine by Cyclone Power Technologies

Location Requirements:    Interior or exterior

Facility Requirements:    Compressed air

Fuel:    Used on-specification motor oil (i.e. #2, #4 or #5 motor oil or from industrial operations)

Fuel Consumption:    Approximately 3.5gal/hr at full output

Electrical Output:    Up to 60kW

Exaust Stack:    Through roof or exterior wall

Exhaust Temperature:    Approximately 400°F (at engine top)

Emission Data:    NOx and CO2 particulates essentially eliminated